Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Elsebeth's ECO shopper Chocolate on Off-white Polka dots

I'm starting my marketing campaign to promote my e-shop! Therefore, I'm sending out as give away bag to some of the people I know that would be interested in seeing and using my bags. I'm also sending some bag samples to lady weekly, monthly magazines.

This one is the first and I've just sent off with Tomas to the Rector of the design School in Kolding - Denmark. I hope that Elsebeth will like it and use it!

It is a good size shopping bag that can be folded and tide up in a small parcel. Washable in the wash machine on 30 degrees. Made of heavy drapery and is able to take a lot of things in.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My e-shop is open

Dear Friends,
I proudly present you a new milestone of my working life: Yes! I've done it and now I call myself a self-employed bag designer and producer.

What a journey to go through and to now stand here and look back. It took me years of pondering and thinking, but effectively the last 3 months were hectic and fruitful: designing bags and organising the administrative and legal bit of setting up a business. I had fantastic support from Tomas, Emil (was not sick at all and slept through the nights...), my family and friends.

My chest is beating hard while writing this email, happy, satisfied, sleepy and grateful to actually get to do what I like and I'm hopeful that it will work.

I owe a fantastically big thanks and gratitude to Ying and Marnie who made my homepage /e-shop a wonderful reality.

Ying and Marnie are the owners of Mandarina Concept is a supplier of content management systems. They design website and localize the website to the English-speaking and Chinese-speaking markets or other local markets in line with your business strategy.
They have given me the website I hoped for and have been fantastic, patient support in teaching me how to get started.

The website is now in English, but at a later stage will be in Danish and Hungarian (I take one step at a time). My aim was to have a homepage / e shop that is calm, user friendly, focusing on the products and not the background. I plan to have a newsletter function to keep the interested ones updated regularly.
In the e shop I intend to sell other products made by other persons who equally create unique and fine pieces or work, hence the official name of my company is: Sylvia's Creation & More...

You are welcome to visit and do spread the word to people you think that would be interested and I hope to see you soon virtually or personally.

Have a super nice day!