Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bare your own bag!

I'm a CABTeam member: Carried Away Etsy Bag Makers Team and Krystal Hosmer of Sol Sisters came up with this game. Here you can read the rules and your welcome to join us.

BARE your own bag!

The bag I carried today has a story: I was invited to participate at the AWC in Copenhagen fundraiser bag auction. I've donated 2 ECO shoppers and given 2 as presents. There were so many bags donated, real ones, knock offs, shopping,travel, ethic, evening, etc...

This one was one of them: black leather: Fretderic - Paris, it is second hand, can be used as shoulder bag and as a rucksac. I like to travel light but I have the things I use in:
Today I had the following: sunglasses, car/house keys, asthma spray, bus/train cards, pen, lipbalm, papertissue, mobile and a change of dypers for my son, Oh I just noticed that my plastic cards wallet was left out of this photo, I forgot to put it back (bad habit, I had in my pants pocket).

Since I make bags, I usually carry one of mine or carry one of the bags I've swapped with fantastic bag makers around the world, so I have many bags and this was the latest I got and I wonder what would be the next bag I use...