Saturday, May 24, 2008

Emil's choice of fabric

This is the first bag I've ever made for my son. He was pretty clear of which fabric he wanted me to use. I've showed him some 6 different fabrics and he just wanted this one. He is happy with it and it is of a good size to have books and toys. Since it is for his use, the rucksack is washable. I have to say that it came out very nicely...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Now it is time for some hens

Yes, I know, soon it will be an animal farm here, but these fabrics are ever so cute...
A rucksack for children's use perfect for books, toys. The straps could be carried in 2 ways due to the help of the zipper: the traditional way as a backpack with 2 straps and the second way is to zip up and then it is one strap to through over the shoulder. The strap is 62 cm (24 1/2") long and ca. 6 cm (2 3/8") wide (when zipped)

About the bag:
Made of heavy linen: olive-green and neutral with chicken prints. The lining is of cotton in red. The drawstring is black leather about 1/2 cm thick.

Width: 32 cm (12 5/8") wide
Length: 37 cm (14 5/8") deep

175 grammes

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ladybird linen messenger for children use

Great to carry books and toys in, could be use by boys and girls equally.
Heavy linen with ladybird red print combined with natural heavy linen. The lining is of light brown and white gingham. For closure I use Velcro tape sewn on vertically (It reduces the tear when opening it) The strap is adjustable and removable (3 cm and at full length 72 cm (28 3/8") and when it is pulled to the shortest length 45 cm (17 7/8")).
Since it is a bag for children use, it is washable on 30 degrees.

Width: 33 cm (13")
Length: 27 cm (10 5/8")
Length with strap: (with shortest strap length 47 cm (18 1/2") and at the longest 63 cm (42 7/8"))

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mother - child together

I'm pleased with the first attempt. As a mother I look at this set with practical, critical eye. What should this set give me? Mummy's bag is very roomy, it can take up to a little shopping in it, sits good on the shoulder and have control over it, when you need to have a grip on your child. It is totally washable, should it get dirty, a tour in the wash machine at 30 degrees on soft programme will do the trick. Lovely to look at and it gives a good topic to chat about to past time should your child be bored waiting (that is at least what mine did). Count the sheep...

My child likes to take some toys when we are on an outing and it is perfect to carry his Lego set, or his farm set (whatever your kid is in to at the moment). It is a rucksack, so it is easy to carry and has his hands are free to get hold of. Kids like to do the same things mummy and daddy are doing and carrying a bag is very funny to do. There is not one bag, that my son did not get hold of, just as I'm showing it to my husband and right away he would try to put it over his shoulder or his head and just be very very happy with that. Simple pleasures...

Available on

Mother - child (mummy's bag)

Lovely bag, it was nice to make. The fabrics are heavy linen (natural and printed with sheep in black) the lining is cotton (white and light lilac) gingham Fitted with an inside pocket (ca. 21 (8 1/4") by 12 cm (4 3/4")). Handles are of natural woven rope dressed up in linen and sewn together to give it the shape.

About the bag: roomy, sits good on the shoulder, washable ( at 30 degrees on soft programme), funny and it comes very handy in picking a topic to chat with a child to pass the waiting time... Count the sheep...

Width: 46 cm (18 1/8")
Width the sides and the bottom: 11 cm (4 3/8")
Length: 25 cm (9 7/8")
Length with handles: 75 cm (29 1/2")
Handles: natural woven rope of 1 cm (3/8") diameter.

Friday, May 16, 2008

First try on mother - child bags collection

What a productive day! I even managed to catch with this bullet point on my long list of "to do things". This is my first try in making this child rucksack in the up coming collection of mother - child bag.

The target group representative in my house hold (my son of 2,5 years old) when he saw it, he right away asked to try it on and wanted to sleep with it on his back...

About the bag:
A super bag to carry some favorite child toys on an outing.
It is made of 100% heavy linen (Natural and sheep printed in black) and the lining is 100% cotton checked black and white.

Width: 25 cm (")
Length: 27 cm (")
Straps length 39 cm (") and 1,5 cm (")

As it is for kids use it is 100% washable at 30 degrees

Her name is Angelina

Very sweet bag made after a Japanese pattern. Lovely baby corduroy in brown and dark beige (light brown) and White polka dots lining. Supported with iron-on interfacing and for closure a small size magnetic snap. Decorated with bow made of the same fabric as the lining. The fabrics are pretreated which means that it is washable at 30 degrees (Fahrenheits).

Weight: 125 grammes
Width: 27,5 cm (")
Length: 31 cm (")
Length with handles: 57,5 cm (")
Handles are 59 cm (") long and 3 cm (") wide

And you can buy her at my eshop:

Marketing campaign bags for giveaways

Well, I have been busy making these ECO shoppers for my marketing campaign. With the e-shop up, not I'm working on spreading out the word about my work. So far I have had the local paper to run a press release, had a journalist to come over for a java coffee / cupcakes and had a long interview. Yesterday I got the photographer here to take some photos to accompany the big article (he got some nice photos made...).

So now,
I have the little albums: ready,
the bags: ready (regardless that we were bummed with a day care strike for one and a half week and it meant that I did the sewing when my son was sleeping...),
the addresses of lady journals and periodicals: ready
and just awaiting my new labels...

About the bags:
All made of medium - heavy weight cottons, The handles are extra supported to be able to handle the carrying. The sizes varies from medium size to large, so they can house a lot, but I guess one should deiced how much you want to carry.
All of them are machine washable on 40 degrees.