Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ari's Dark Grey and peach

Eni's brown and Turquoise

Kinga's red

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I've been featured in this week's (w. 34) in Femina

What a week! Denmark's oldest women's weekly magazine featured my ECO Shopper: On page 8. So I'm a very happy person :-)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Saturday, August 02, 2008

My exhibition at Sorø Central library

Now that I have slept a bit (not enough though) I can write this blog about my 2nd exhibition at Sorø central library. First things first: I owe a big thank you for Ulla, she was super great help in putting up the bags as you see here, Thanks to little Jakob for being so tolerant in waiting for us while working, and huge thanks to Tomas and Emil in helping me all the time I was sitting at the sewing machine and busy all the time to get the bags done.

Since we came back home from holiday, I was mainly working on my bags and the one week I made 18 bags, so you could imagine how the house looked, the dining table was mainly occupied with sewing machine, fabrics and half made bags, my nights were mainly to finish up the bags that need hand stitching and more sewing...
The night before the exhibition was worked literally until, my eyes could not stay open, but I was done with all the things I've planned to have...

The exhibition has 3 themes: ECO Shopper bags, Mother & Child sets, Japanese inspired, Zakka bags in different shapes, sizes, etc.
There are 58 bags on display and one, of course, one can buy any (given that it is not sold or reserved)or place orders to make the bag of your like after being inspired of seeing all the bags... Please Feel welcome and free to drop by and have a look.

Since my company's name is Sylvia's Creation & more: here is what I've added to the exhibition: My one-cup tea cozies 12 in total. to see more in details have a look at this sub blog of mine:

2 got sold before they got up and 2 more are reserved. It is also possible to place orders on the tea cozies.

Oh, one more thing: the exhibition will last throughout the month of August and here is how to find it:

Enjoy the tour!


Children bags