Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Promotion bags for the Kindergarten Summer Party Raffle

My little one's kindergarten is having a Summer party and asked if there is anyone who could donate gifts for the raffle.
So I thought it is a good place with the right target group for my products to be exposed.
A girl's should bag, adjustable strap, washable (since it is used by kids)
A boy's rucksack with treasure trunks theme to carry book, toys, etc... in. Washable as well...

Adjustable girl's shoulder bag

Treasure Trunks boy rucksack

Monday, May 04, 2009

What I was up to since Easter

Stage Three:
The last 2 weeks I've been only in the garden (the inside garden, the outside garden is yet to come) and today when I was planting the last of the beans seeds the skies opened and I was wet through, but it was such a nice feeling to have and feel the rain after 26 days of no rain. April month was really dry (only 11 ml of rain) and had a new record in sunshine hours...
the garden was been under my attention and made a lot of flower planting and cleaning and in some weeks it will be in a glorious shape.

Stage Two:
SO here is the result of the 2nd large project in the garden. I would not have been able to do it without my sister's help.
Since we moved in this house the 2nd carport was looking like a graveyard and had a lot of things that were meant to be removed ages ago, but now there is order...

Stage One:
This was the major work done on (of all days) Easter 2009: I know that is not what people usually do on Easter Sunday, but I had this in my head and sight for far too long years...
The weather was great, my sister was itching for garden work, we had nothing planned for the day and here is what the Oreifig girls can do when they feel like doing some physical work...

This project started almost 8 years ago, there was a pond in the garden and we did not want to have it esp. when we were planning to have a child, so Sylvia decided that it could be a nice place to have in the garden. a lot of digging was done, then a lot of stone moving was done, a lot of cement was mixed (even when I was 7 month pregnant) and the walls were up. My herbs are planted and the flowers were put in place, even a rabbit lived in this corner, BUT now it is a nice place to sit in and have a nice meal when the weather is good...

I recycled everything I've found in the garden (sorted out a huge amount of garbage) and the only thing I bought was the sand...

Could not have done it without my sisters help

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Bare your own bag!

I'm a CABTeam member: Carried Away Etsy Bag Makers Team and Krystal Hosmer of Sol Sisters came up with this game. Here you can read the rules and your welcome to join us.

BARE your own bag!

The bag I carried today has a story: I was invited to participate at the AWC in Copenhagen fundraiser bag auction. I've donated 2 ECO shoppers and given 2 as presents. There were so many bags donated, real ones, knock offs, shopping,travel, ethic, evening, etc...

This one was one of them: black leather: Fretderic - Paris, it is second hand, can be used as shoulder bag and as a rucksac. I like to travel light but I have the things I use in:
Today I had the following: sunglasses, car/house keys, asthma spray, bus/train cards, pen, lipbalm, papertissue, mobile and a change of dypers for my son, Oh I just noticed that my plastic cards wallet was left out of this photo, I forgot to put it back (bad habit, I had in my pants pocket).

Since I make bags, I usually carry one of mine or carry one of the bags I've swapped with fantastic bag makers around the world, so I have many bags and this was the latest I got and I wonder what would be the next bag I use...

Saturday, February 28, 2009

I've auctioned them at the American Women's Club yesterday in Copenhagen

I finished 4 ECO Shoppers yesterday (February 26, 2009) to take with me to the American Women's Club in Copenhagen and we had such a lovely time. There were so many bags: original, fakes, ethnic, shopping bags, ECO shoppers (mine), travel bags, evening/party bags, funny bags... I think about 60 bags.

The money raised is fully going to the FAWCO Foundation, a non-profit that aids charitable, scientific and educational programmes and supporting the rights of women and children throughout the world.

I finished sewing the name tags on the train, so they when hot form under my hands...
I got some ladies to try to stop using plastic bags and these bags severed a double if not triple good cause...

The fabrics I've used here were delivered to me by mistake and I promised the shop ( to use them for charity. They were a hit and I hope that the owners will be happy with them and the money will be used for a good cause.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Promoting a sister on the Carried Away Etsy Bag Makers Team: bagalicious

I’m a member of the Carried Away Etsy Bag Makers Team and it is Sunday so it is a Promote a sister day. I was looking around to take my pick and it was a hard to choose, too many talented and different artist, that I would like to tell about.
Before I go any further, I just have to say that I never wrote on my blog, I’ve used it to load up my photos for some sort of backup. I’ve just had my first coffee and the sun is still trying to shine (doubt it would ever do today) and my family is up and running a bit too early for my taste, but I’m happy as long as my little is running about playing happily.
So, my choice is Nancy Tanguay of, I was taken by the bright fabric choices she’s made and the unexpected combinations of fabrics and shapes too, but one should see her quilts, It is OH MY GOD in capital letters, Nancy’s bags are so funny esp. the ones that are shaped as a teapot, since Nancy is a professional quilter, her bags are made in great detail and variety that when you browse though her shop, will definitely find a favorite. I sure did. Happy Sunday!
OK, just did a checked and Nancy has been promoted once, so I have to go and take another pick… It is still early Sunday for me…
I choose bagalicious of
Bagalicious makes cute, feminine shapes and lovely colour combinations in bags that can be used all day around in all sizes. And there is more, you can acquire other things that goes into your bags and that gives an organized feel while carrying your things round and about. Definitely: an eye catcher, to have your little wallet and keychain matching your handbag.

Thursday, December 04, 2008