Sunday, January 11, 2009

Promoting a sister on the Carried Away Etsy Bag Makers Team: bagalicious

I’m a member of the Carried Away Etsy Bag Makers Team and it is Sunday so it is a Promote a sister day. I was looking around to take my pick and it was a hard to choose, too many talented and different artist, that I would like to tell about.
Before I go any further, I just have to say that I never wrote on my blog, I’ve used it to load up my photos for some sort of backup. I’ve just had my first coffee and the sun is still trying to shine (doubt it would ever do today) and my family is up and running a bit too early for my taste, but I’m happy as long as my little is running about playing happily.
So, my choice is Nancy Tanguay of, I was taken by the bright fabric choices she’s made and the unexpected combinations of fabrics and shapes too, but one should see her quilts, It is OH MY GOD in capital letters, Nancy’s bags are so funny esp. the ones that are shaped as a teapot, since Nancy is a professional quilter, her bags are made in great detail and variety that when you browse though her shop, will definitely find a favorite. I sure did. Happy Sunday!
OK, just did a checked and Nancy has been promoted once, so I have to go and take another pick… It is still early Sunday for me…
I choose bagalicious of
Bagalicious makes cute, feminine shapes and lovely colour combinations in bags that can be used all day around in all sizes. And there is more, you can acquire other things that goes into your bags and that gives an organized feel while carrying your things round and about. Definitely: an eye catcher, to have your little wallet and keychain matching your handbag.


Miss Gina Designs said...

Great post, Sylvia! Way to go CAB team!

Sylvia Oreifig said...

Thank you Regina, it was fun writing, esp. after I've found out that my first choice was already made, so mine became a double promotion...