Saturday, September 09, 2006

Green quilted and Red butterfly


Sylvia Oreifig said...

Dark Greem quilted bag:
My ever first made bag! My younger sister wanted to buy a bag and when I saw what she was after I asked her if she could wait a bit and I'll make her one that fits her needs and Voila...
It is made of heavy cotton, dark green quilted with silky brown thread and decorated with brown and pinkish beads.
The size is:45 cm long, 30 cm wide and the bottom is at 24 cm by 12,5 cm.

Sylvia Oreifig said...

Butterfly Red Jacard:
25 cm long and 22 cm wide (the botton is at 19 cm long and 7 cm wide)
The lining is of linen red/brown. fitted with magnatic snap. The handels are of leather in oil green colour.