Sunday, December 03, 2006

2 different red silk bags

This bag a sweetheart: Made of pure Spanish red, perfect to match with a black cocktail dress wish will make every one look at you (or your little red bag). It will fit the essentials. Perfect bag for an evening out! Fitted with magnetic snap, embellished with red shinny beads. Lining is heavy sateen and the bag is given support by using fusible interfacing and an other layer of canvas net. the gad has a had buttom to keep the shape of the bag in place. Non washable (dry clean).

Length: 18 cm (") long
Width: 15-28 cm (") wide
Length with strap: 40 cm (") long and XX cm (") wide

45cm long strap

Embellished with beads, lined with red satin and fitted also with a magnetic snap.

Price: 449 DKK (60 €)

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Sylvia Oreifig said...

Small red silk bags. Great for an evening out, fitted with magnatic snap.
15-28 cm wide
18 cm long
45cm long strap