Saturday, January 19, 2008

Brown, Blue & Tan sholder (with drawstring) bag

This is a big and roomy bag made of 100% cotton: On white Brown, light Blue & tan.

Length: 33 cm (13")
Width: 45 cm (17 3/4")
Strap: ca. 91 cm at 10,5 cm wide (35 7/8" by 4 1/8")

the lining is also made of 100% woven cotton striped: on white tan, light blue and pink. It is also fitted with an inner pocket ca. 26 by 20,5 cm (that is 10 1/4" by 7 7/8")
For clouser: fitted with a magnetic snap and the leather drawstrings serves as a secondary closure and it draws the bag in shape.

The Leather string is decorated with hand polished natural stones.

Washable on 40 degrees (104 degrees Fahrenhiet) and you will have to remove the leather strap before you was it.

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