Friday, May 16, 2008

Marketing campaign bags for giveaways

Well, I have been busy making these ECO shoppers for my marketing campaign. With the e-shop up, not I'm working on spreading out the word about my work. So far I have had the local paper to run a press release, had a journalist to come over for a java coffee / cupcakes and had a long interview. Yesterday I got the photographer here to take some photos to accompany the big article (he got some nice photos made...).

So now,
I have the little albums: ready,
the bags: ready (regardless that we were bummed with a day care strike for one and a half week and it meant that I did the sewing when my son was sleeping...),
the addresses of lady journals and periodicals: ready
and just awaiting my new labels...

About the bags:
All made of medium - heavy weight cottons, The handles are extra supported to be able to handle the carrying. The sizes varies from medium size to large, so they can house a lot, but I guess one should deiced how much you want to carry.
All of them are machine washable on 40 degrees.

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